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Homes Selling at a Slower Pace

In Coral Gables, home sales slowed down slightly in the last few months, while inventory climbed in September after a steady four-year downward clip from 650 homes on the MLX in 2009 to 260 homes in May of 2013. Now we are up to 273 single-family homes for sale but this has just inched up since June.  AlthoughFlorida Realtors reported that U.S. home prices are rising but at a slower pace than months before, we see the same thing in the Gables.   We do not foresee prices dropping. They have only fallen once (in 2007-2008) since I started selling real estate in the early 1970's. What we do predict is that buyers will begin to be more particular and not rush so much to get into a bidding war where multiple offers come in the first week on well-priced new listings.  The number of days listings are on the market will increase a bit.  We are going to be shifting from a very strong seller's market to a less strong seller's market or to a fair market for the next year or so.  
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Condo Real Estate Market Update

See below for recent real estate market conditions for the 33133 and 33134 zip codes, which include Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, from September 2012-September 2013.